Yoga: your body, your mind, your spirit….

First of all, what is Yoga and what are Yoga Asanas? The term Yoga means union. Union between the body, mind and spirit. Asanas are specific body postures which build life force and support this union.

Often they go together with certain breathing exercises like fast and shallow breathing, long and deep breathing or the momentarily holding of the breath for several seconds or even minutes.

Often are Mantras used together with specific Yoga Asanas to further strengthen the positive effects. These practices enhance and expand the consciousness of the body-mind complex, filling it with increased life force energy. When we are doing Yoga Asanas we are opening up the subtle energy channels called Nadis. Additionally, we calm the mind, following that some call Yoga is a moving meditation.

Through Yoga Asanas we create harmony within the body through balancing the endocrine system and the subtle nervous system. Of course, through movement and certain stretching exercises we increase flexibility, strength, joy in movement and freedom of movement. Yoga Asanas calm the mind- thoughts, feelings and emotions through balancing the endocrine glands of the body.

Slide1These secret the body’s own hormones and have a major impact on our well-being and mind.