Setu Bandha Sarvangansana or Bridge Pose

What is it?
A beginning backbend

What does it do for your body?
Strengthens the legs and hips, massages the spine, and opens the heart. Methodical practice of this asana also offers an opportunity to explore the body and its movements with attention and care.

What doe sit do to your mind?
The mind is calmed and the body becomes energized, leaving the practitioner feeling revitalized and refreshed.

Body-Mind-Spirit Effect
Visualize your spine like a strand of pearls, you are going to rest this strand on the floor; this takes you to a space of inner presence and inner beauty where you acknowledge your amazing spine, once settles you will pick up pearl by pearl by lifting each one slowly; you now begin to follow your own inner rhythm, calmly, smooth, there is no rush, it allows you to step down from the fast inner space of daily life, this fast pace that eliminates the possibility of checking in with yourself.
The stretching and relaxation of the spine allows the energy to flow, your bodily fluids have more space to circulate and your whole body-mind-complex shifts. Your mind goes from your busy agenda to a place where you can smell the flowers and admire the sunset, to a place where anything provokes a smile in your heart.
All of the above makes digestion and elimination more efficient, reduces anxiety, oxygenates our body and changes our whole body chemistry.

healthy mind

How can you have a better body-mind-spirit experience?
We are more energy than matter. We are alive due to electricity, literally we need the spark “going” and our body needs to be “electrically charged” at all times. What foods keep your electricity going?
Well. Minerals are the name of the game because they are the ones that conduct electricity and the ones that keep the spark on.
Natural, organic and Non GMO foods have the most “charge” because they are rich in minerals.
Today, most of our soils are mineral deprived or even “mineral naked” so it is harder and harder to really keep our mineral intake stable on the high side. The more we experience our fast paced life, the more minerals we need because, stress, mind and metabolism use lots of them. It is almost impossible to have a healthy mind, healthy emotions and balanced metabolic functions without the proper amount of minerals. Minerals are responsible for making “brain messaging” possible, for having a balanced emotional and behavioral response to situations, and are in charge of generating the right “voltage” so our human battery is on and going. They have a lot to do with your sleep, mood, behavior and the physiology of your amazing being!
If your body feels good, if your mind is sharp, then spirit opens up, we feel happy, grateful and shining at full bright! Lighten yourself up with minerals!

Brain Power™ by My Green lady is high in minerals; it is taking in a daily shot of minerals that will allow your body to function smoother and more balanced. You will notice the effects on:
a. The quality of your sleep
b. Your digestion
c. Your mood
d. Your mind, more aware
e. Your brain; sharper, easier to focus, faster response
f. You will definitely feel happier!

Hey! Take care of your body; your temple
Take care of your brain, your jewel,
Take care of your life, your GIFT!

I am honored to share with you

Young woman practicing yoga on the lawn near beach at sunset

Young woman practicing yoga on the lawn near beach at sunset

Would you like to experience this? Can’t wait?

How much do you need to notice change?
Start with 1 Tablespoon in the morning for 7 days, then increase to 2 Tablespoons per day and work your way to have 4 tablespoons per day.
Children: start with 1 teaspoon in the morning.
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