My Story


Maribel Arizpe

“Become the Best Version of Yourself”

The best thing in my life: my kids, a boy 19, a girl 8. I am very family oriented, I come from a family where knowledge was and is cherished, a father who was (rip) a criminal lawyer, a mom that is an Economist and Sociologist, one sister that is PhD in Philosophy, another sister who is specialized in children education. We all are or have been teachers a big part of our lives.

I was born and raised in Mexico City in February, 5 1965, from both Mexican parents. 2 sisters, lots of cousins. All my family lives in Mexico and even though I love my country and my city I wanted to go places and I found that my skills and knowledge would take me places
I live and work in Coronado, California

Spend time in my garden, I compost, plant some veggies; fertilize my garden and veggie boxes with seaweed that I bring from the beach. I use my own fruit and veggie waste to feed my compost.

Physical activity: cycling, Pilates, walking, paddle boarding, snow and water skiing, spinning, step class, Love being in the water

I practice yoga everyday, it makes me happy, fulfilled and makes my body feel amazing. It tells me much about myself.

I am a people´s person, love teaching and learning

I play piano and have had lessons many times, I am a forever beginner, but I don’t give up!

I love music, classical music, relaxing, jazz, soft rock, etc.. I very much love it!

Love young people; their mind is so open!

I like to contribute to my environment, planet, and society within my capacity in any form. I am usually actively involved in something on this regard, if not I make myself useful

I love reading, books have been very special friends during all my life and I am sure they will always be, my books are my treasured possession

I love to travel and learn from new cultures

I love animals, 5 cats live in my house

I like really beautiful, clean, and high-energy food in any shape and form. I also like to prepare it when I am inspired. I have a curiosity for new flavors, textures and specially how food is prepared, I will try it and learn it!

I am vegetarian, 80% raw and eat organic almost a 100%

I love herbs and flowers and love even more to create blends, potions, essence blends, tinctures, etc.… My grandmother’s (mom side) knowledge on herbs and elaborating her own cosmetics was passed on to me as well as her recipes. I learned a lot from her and this is the source of my love for plants and herbs that I could put into use in my company “Girathe” which literally means, “the tea that makes you spin.”

I am very spiritual, love to meditate and was raised as a catholic and converted to Judaism as my spiritual guide is a Rabbi, though for I perceive myself as a spiritual being more than a religious one. I do not favor separation according to people’s believes, I believe in respect and curiosity.

I love life and being under my skin.

My passion: Nutrition, Wellness and connection

I have been dedicated to Nutrition for the past 30 years, because I believe we are all destined to be well, our fellow beings need information about real and good nutrition so they can be better prepared to take care of themselves and their families. Our actual health situation in U.S. and emerging nations is far from average standards in regards to nutrition. Larger percentage of populations is getting obese and yet malnourished.

There is illness at every level in our society, physical, energetic, mental, spiritual.

I believe we are “The Amazing Human being” with infinite potential.

I perceive Nutrition as a continuous and ever evolving process that involves the interchange and transformation of energy at every level; physical, mental, energetic and spiritual.

Our mouth is not the only way to nourish our perfect being. When we learn how to nourish our body, our energetic template, and our spirit, we become the best version of ourselves; we become the perfect being we are destined to be.

Nutrition is about real food, real nutrition within and without ourselves, within our environment and every single fellow being on the planet. We are spiritual being having a physical experience and what we have experienced so far is so small, just the tip of the iceberg.

We are all connected, we are all part of the same, and we co-exist in the divine and forever charged universal matrix that comprises the vault of light of our existence.


2009 – 2015 Meditation workshops, essential oils and the effects on the body. Self educated and in different places with many practitioners.
2009 – 2015 Ways to cleanse and detoxify the body, mind and the spirit. Self educated, own research.
2011 – 2014 Training in Zyto Software for Bio – Communication to be able to handle more and more variated type of body scans and scanning protocols.
2012 – 2011 Completion of a Health and Nutrition Coach training program by Hilton Johnson Inc.
2011 Quantum Reflex Analysis Seminar Level IA, Burbank, California by Premier Research Laboratories.
2011 Quantum Reflex Analysis Level II, Costa Mesa, California, by Premier Research Laboratories.
2011 Quantum Reflex Analysis Level II practice classes, Carlsbad, California, by Premier Research Laboratories.
2011 Quantum Reflex Analysis Level II classes on remedies, properties of supplements, and how to best diagnose.
2011 VASTU Seminar in Premier Research Laboratories Headquarters in Austin Texas on Energetic Remediation and how to create a resonant field to achieve the best possible health in Austin, Texas headquarters
2011 Seminar on “Remedies,” Properties and Supplements and how to best pre and diagnose, by Premier Research Laboratories
2009 Cousens School of Holistic Wellness (formerly Tree of Life Foundation). Master’s Degree in Raw Food Nutrition, graduating with honors due to a pallet study done for her thesis work Thesis work: “The Regenerative and Antioxidant properties of a Blend of 5 five different Sea-weed, directed by Dr. GabrielCousens.
2005 Essene Priesthood Spiritual Program by “Cousens School of Holistic Wellness, Patagonia, Arizona
2004 Yoga Instruction Training in Ki-taido Yoga
2002 Yoga Instruction Training in Svaroopa Yoga Style

Course in Food Extrusion, Texas A&M, Texas
1986 – 1990 Masters in Sea Food Processing by Instituto Tecnológico y Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM) Campus Guaymas. Thesis work “The creation of a high protein sausage made with surimi elaborated from dark and white fish flesh.”
1982 – 1986 Bachelors as Biochemical Engineer in Food Processing
1988 Course in Teaching Skills and Techniques by ITESM, Campus Hermosillo, Sonora
1988 Course in Development in Teaching Skills by ITESM, Campus Hermosillo, Sonora
1987 Course in Biotechnology in ITESM, Campus Monterrey, Nuevo León
1985 Course in Flavor and Fragrances by “Firmenich Company” based in Switzerland imparted by “The Food Technologists Association of Mexico” in Mexico City
1985 Course in Solar Dehydration imparted by “The Food Technologists Association of Mexico” in Mexico City
1979 Michigan Test of English that entitles me to teach English up to High School Level



2015 Private office for Nutritional Consultations at Discover Wellness, 543 Orange Avenue, Coronado, Ca 92118
2015 Public Nutrition talks about Nutrition and Wellness Topics at Discover Wellness
2015 Cooking and Nutrition Class for kids ages 7-12
2015 Nutrition and Detox talk at Forum KIK in Monterrey, Nuevo León hosted by Instituto y Centro de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey
2014 Sacred Geometry and How to Balance you Brain Hemispheres in Coronado, Ca,
2014 Creation of Preventive Health Programs and high stress clients
2014 Offers food scan services for children and motivates the children to create their own nutritious low glycemic drink (smoothie or shake)
2013 Detox Group leading in a holistic way, integrating nutrition, mind, and spirit. Mind training, meditation, physical and energetic cleansing. Integration of the mind-spirit-body complex. Food Scan.
2012 Proposal to Mariebelle’s Chocolates New York for fabricating a chocolate with Brain Power™. Presented developed samples.
2007-2015 Nutritional Consulting in New York, Connecticut, Miami, San Diego, Mexico City, Guadalajara, Monterrey, Mazatlan, Ensenada, Tijuana, Culiacan, Puebla, Paris, France and Spain
2012 Creates different group detox programs and actively guides groups in a seven, five, and three-day detox under different protocols.
2012 Offers and teaches raw food preparation and semi-vegetarian cuisine

Nutrition Talk in San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora hosted by Instituto Zen Yoga
2011 Nutrition Talk in Ensenada, Baja California for Alternative Health Practitioners
2011 Starts using Zyto software as the main tool for her Nutritional consultations, it’s a software that uses the galvanic skin response of the skin to see what is the actual level of health of the body and suggests balancers to bring the body back in balance
2010 – 2015 Professor of Modules 3; “Anatomy and Physiology: Physical and Esoteric, Module 5; “Live Food Nutrition” and Module 7; “Juice Fasting” for the Spiritual Nutrition Mastery Program at the “Cousens School for Holistic Wellness”, Patagonia, Arizona
2008 Camp for kids ages 2-7 and 7-13 on composting, sprouting, planting, taking care of their plants, their bodies and the planet. Awesome experience!
2005 – 2006 Nutrition Courses in Paris, France
2005 Nutrition talk on the Red Cross Auditorium in Puebla, Puebla. Hosted by “Red Cross of Puebla”
2003 – 2004 Yoga Instructor in Coronado, California
1995 Founded a Company called “Girathe” elaborating 100% natural, caffeine free tisanes blends with Mexican ingredients: fruit, herbs and flowers. Also importing tea and tisanes from Germany, China, and Japan. It is still active.
1994 – 2015 Teaching Nutrition Workshops in Mexico and USA for house- holds, health facilitators and for weight loss clinics personnel, for schools. My workshops have an emphasis on vegetarianism, natural foods, supers foods and sustainability
1999 Nutrition professor in “Centro de Humanidades” in Tijuana, Baja California
1996-1998 Nutrition professor for the School of Nurses for the Cross in Ensenada, Baja California
1996-1998 Healed myself and weaned from form medication from hyperthyroidism with yoga, natural practices, remedies and blends created by me using herbs, ancient wisdom and knowledge.
1990 – 2002 Head of the Department of Food Development and Research for Productos Pesqueros de Mazatlan, Mexico.
1989 Head of project between University and Industry. Project for Productos Pesqueros de Mazatlan, Mexico, and the second largest tuna cannery in Mexico. Development of a tuna paté made out of tuna’s dark tuna muscle.

Head of project between University and Industry. Project for Productos Pesqueros de Mazatlan, Mexico, the second largest tuna cannery in Mexico.. Verification of the Thermal Destruction Curves in their retorting process. Verification of the overall sterilization process.
1986 – 1990 Sales Department and Quality Specifications in “Alimentos Colonial” in Saltillo, Mexico. A company that delivered refrigerated beef to Japan to be sold fresh on the fresh market. The operation should not take longer than 36 hours after slaughter.
1985 Project on Enhancing refrigeration techniques for a fishing ship in the Gulf of Mexico, Campeche, Mexico. Vessel Tatiana
1987 – 1990 Full time professor at Instituto Tecnologico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey. Campus Guaymas, in the department of Food Science, teaching Food Processing and its laboratory, Sensory Evaluation, Sea- Food Processing and its laboratory, Food Microbiology and its laboratory.



2014 – 2015 In the final process of creating a body-mind-spirit body detox program to be downloadable on line with audios, videos, documents, and a Facebook support group page. On its type there is nothing like this
2012 – 2015 Dehydrated snacks as a fruit roll up made of organic fruit, vegetables, ground seeds and Brain Power,
2015 Salsa with seeds, dry chili and healthy oils
2012 Chocolates with Brain Power™
2011 Creates a blog about wellness and nutrition with revised articles and actuality topics, the blog is in
2011 Creates My Green Lady as her brand, starting an education and nutrition consulting business in San Diego, Ca. and the web page
2011 Creation of ‘Brain Power™’ by My Green Lady™, which is a mixture of sea vegetables, fresh water sea-weed, ground vegetables, enzymes, pro-biotic and adaptogenic herbs, 100% organic, 100% vegan, 100% GMO. 100% raw, which means that, has not been heated to temperatures above 46 degrees Celsius guaranteeing in this way the activity of enzymes. This was made in order to help my clients make a quantum leap in their health in a short time so that they can great in a short period of time and this motivates them to continue.
2006 A gluten and corn free tortilla
1995 Creation of herbal blends called tisanes: guava blend, relaxing blend, rose petal blend, apple blend and mango blend



2015 Currently working on a Detoxification workbook and manual
2010 My Green Lady and My Green Lady Latino Blog about Nutrition and Wellness.
2010 Publication of the book ”TU ZONA” along with her sister, Paula Arizpe (PhD in Philosophy). The book is an invitation take a journey within you, to see yourself form a new holistic perspective so you can know closely how your body works, what are our strengths, weaknesses and tendencies in a physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual way . It is a practical, enjoyable & easy read. First edition published by Ediciones B, group Vergara. Second and revised edition published by Balboa Press here in United States. ISBN-10: 1452556156 ISBN-13: 978-1452556154
2007 Thesis work on the “Antioxidant and Healing Properties of a Blend of five different Seaweed”
1990 “Development of a High Protein Sausage form Surimi made from White and Dark Fish flesh