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Detoxifying Energizing,
 Nourishes the Brain,
 Mineralizing, Pre-biotic

Dare to explore this innovative and
rich source of Marine Minerals.

Formulated and created by a Food
Biochemist, masters in Seafood
Processing and Raw Food Nutrition.
More Energy ?
Better Memory & Attention ?
More & Better Concentration ?
Balance your Weight ?
Constant Detoxification ?
Better Focus ?
Modest estimates have suggested that we are exposed to more than 700,000 toxic chemicals on a daily basis.
According to Global Healing Center, it isn't abnormal to be exposed to 2,100,000 toxins each and every day.
Detoxifying constantly and responsibly is important

BRAIN POWER™ may promote constant and smooth detoxification.

Feed your gut flora, regulate the pH and increase your energy, focus, memory, concentration and attention.

Organic, Raw, Vegan, Nut-Gluten-Grain-Yeast & Soy FREE, Non GMO’s, Non-irradiated

BRAIN POWER™ is a remarkable fusion of sea and fresh water vegetables, enzymes, prebiotics, herbs, grasses, vegetables, and herbs: providing a huge amount of minerals.

Get an instant mineral and antioxidant boost

Designed to contribute on your body's improvement through helping the digestive process with enzymes, feeding your gut flora with prebiotics present in seaweed, rectifying the pH with alkaline green vegetables and herbs, algae (marine and freshwater) whose mission is to detoxify & cleanse; providing the body with lots of minerals, which are great "activators."

Minerals are necessary for good and optimal Brain functioning. A sharp, fog free and amazing brain needs a lot of minerals.

Minerals turn on your metabolic reactions ➙ prebiotics and vegetables help your digestive functions and normalize your gut ➙ a healthy gut ➙ a healthier and stronger immune system ➙ a better gut and immune system ➙ better brain function and better cognitive function because on improved communication within the brain.

Seaweed are one of nature’s most biologically active resources as they posses a wealth of bioactive compounds with various biological activities, such as anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antibacterial, anti-coagulant, anti-viral and apoptotic activity.

Formulated by a Food Biochemist having in mind that ancient healing and science can provide clean, pure and effective nutrition that can guide us to balance and health.

“Become The Best Version of Yourself”

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