Experience and enjoy this full 1 hr. of DVd with meditating and balancing sounds.

The Flower of Life is revered for its ability to allow you to connect to your higher spiritual self as well as promote healing.

Metatron’s Cube will provide you with inner peace and spirituality.

The Nautilus shell, with its beauty and mathematical perfection, is thought to allow  to focus in on the harmony and beauty found in the natural world

The Merkaba also gives healing power but also acts to provide protection



Why is it so important Sacred Geometry? There are many reasons, but basically, Sacred Geometry is valuable to us because it is a meditation for the logical side of our brain.

Most of our meditative experiences are centered in the right hemisphere of our brain – the emotional, intuitive side of us feel. When we meditate, it usually “feels” right. Sometimes we see images in our meditations, listening to the soothing sounds or interesting voices.

All these feelings are on the right side of our brain; our emotional / intuitive side. You may have had the experience of leaving a meditation in which you had a very nice experience. But then, as we walked back into waking consciousness, you begin to doubt the validity of your experience.

You start to tell yourself things like “No, it is not possible” “Not true,” I should have imagined things,”” just invented.”

It does not happen immediately, but soon you’ll see diminishing or nullifying your wonderful experience in meditation.

What is happening is that your left-brain was not part or was involved in your spiritual experience. The logical part that did not participate in the experience of the right brain and, therefore, does not know what to do with this experience.

This is what makes the good logical thinkers; they disarm the experience making rational logical questions. A questioning or a cynical perspective begins.

And because your experience was completely intuitive and based on the “feel” and has no rationale or framework, it’s that easy as we reduce the importance of our inner experience.

This is just one example of what happens when your left and right brain are not working together as effectively as they could. The logical part of your brain remains cynical about the value of the experiences that happen on the right side of your brain. This is like rowing with one oar in the water – is likely to reach the end, but you’ll get much faster using both oars.

So we have a challenge here: we are having all these amazing experiences and views in our meditations which are potentially useful for our progress and development, but as soon as we got out of our meditation, the logical part of our brain is activated with doubts and experience is discounted and reduced.

How can we avoid this? How can we get both sides of the brain work together?

The answer is Sacred Geometry. Sacred Geometry is basically practical geometry that focuses on the description of the creation and / or consciousness; how consciousness moves through reality.

Understanding more about the different shapes of Sacred Geometry and how they were used in these ancient cultures can teach you how to harness their power.

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