In past times, humans were more attuned to the environment in which they lived. Today, we have little connection to nature and the planet. The ancient wisdom that is often passed down through tales and historical tradition seems to have been forgotten or lost.

Understanding the importance that the different geometric shapes and patterns found in nature seems to be among the wisdom that has been removed. With all the changes that are happening on earth right now, some of this information is being revived.

Here is information about how the ancient science of Sacred Geometry can have a positive influence on your life.

Early cultures, including Christians, Hindus, Greeks, and Egyptians recognized that there were different patterns or geometric shapes that were repeated in nature.

They also concluded that there was a correlation or connection between the various elements found on earth and in the heavens. These common connections or patterns, known as Sacred Geometry, were “mirror” – “the same patterns appear on earth and in the sky” and these ancient cultures believed that they existed everywhere in the universe.

They also recognized that these little patterns were representative of the building blocks that are literally the blueprint for creation for the entire universe.
A seed, after all, contains all the material necessary to become a powerful tree, regardless of the size of the tree. A single cell contains all the elements of the entire body, and the earth and the heavens are reflections of each other.

This idea, represented by the saying “As above, so below,” summed up this ancient belief.

Modern science has shown that these patterns are, in fact, the molecular forms that form the basis of all life in this universe. These shapes or patterns are universal and govern how the world replicates itself.
These universal laws or patterns are absolute and static, they do not change or alter with time or space.

Proof of this is the large number of cultures around the world that recognized the sacredness of these specific patterns and geometric shapes.
Patterns and natural laws can be separated into a variety of different representations. These can include numbers, mathematical formulas, and even specific geographic symbols.

Since the symbols are highly visual, they are easy to identify in historical architecture, art, and design.

The use of these symbols, all based on mathematics, allowed for the incredibly detailed and accurate construction that still inspires awe and admiration today.

Think of the Egyptian pyramids and the incredible archaeological buildings and temples found throughout South and Central America. Engineers and architects are still unsure how they were built thousands of years ago with rudimentary tools and construction methods.

Recurring patterns in nature became sacred geometric patterns in these early cultures. The infinite and surprising power of forms symbolized the continuity of life from birth to death and beyond.
The repetition and use of these patterns in construction, art and design allowed them to harness their power and this brought meaning and value to the symbols.

Understanding the different forms of sacred geometry and how they were used by ancient cultures can teach us how to harness their power

The Flower Of Life
It appears as a beautiful and balanced flower of perfect proportions, this geometric shape is recognized in many cultures around the world.

It is made up of 13 separate spheres that are interconnected through the design to create a unique pattern. Within the different forms that the 13 spheres generate, many geometric and mathematical laws are represented that are still used today. As a symbol, the Flower of Life demonstrates the totality and unity of the universe, as well as its various components interrelate in harmony.

The Flower of Life is revered for its ability to allow us to connect with our higher spiritual self, as well as to promote healing.

Metatron’s cube

When the center of each of the circles formed in the Flower of Life is connected, it shapes another sacred geometric shape known as the Metatron’s Cube. It also contains the perfect solids, which are also sacred.

The Metatron’s Cube has a long history in art and architecture and can be seen in some of the oldest cities and buildings in the world.

The Metatron’s Cube is believed to contain all the laws and possible patterns for creation and reality. Carrying or using the Metatron’s Cube will give you inner peace and spirituality.

Perfect Solids

If you remember your geometry and chemistry classes you will remember the importance of perfect or platonic solids. There are five different ways; the cube, tetrahedron, icosahedron, dodecahedron, and octahedron, which form the perfect solids.

They are the forms of any and every possible molecule and molecular structure.
They are all congruent polygons with the same number of faces found at all vertices.

With this unique combination all sides, vertices, and angles are identical, making these shapes considered sacred in many religions and cultures.

The Nautilus Shell

This shell is truly amazing in its mathematical proportions. It is the physical representation of the number Pi, also known as the golden mean or divine ratio.
PI, which is equal to 1.6180339837 … is a unique number since it has no arithmetic solution and goes to infinity without repeating itself.

This ratio created by PI is found in the human skeleton, in sunflowers, and of course in the shell of the nautilus.
Famous artists such as Kandinsky and Leonardo Da Vinci used the golden mean in their artistic creations.

Research has shown that people prefer to observe visual images, physical objects, or representations that have the proportions of the gold mean.
The nautilus shell, with its mathematical beauty and perfection, is believed to allow the wearer to focus on the harmony and beauty found in the natural world.

Other patterns of Sacred Geometry

There are other ways that are also considered sacred and powerful. These forms include Christ Consciousness and Mercaba.
The Christ Consciousness form provides healing as well as giving power, balance, and good health.
The Mercaba also gives healing power, and also imparts protection. Throughout the world there are many different sacred geometric shapes and patterns.

Using these Sacred Geometry patterns is an ideal way to increase harmony, healing, self-balance, love, unity, sense of connection and beauty.

Learning more about Sacred Geometry and the ancient wisdom that is being rediscovered is one way to reconnect with the world around us.

We are once again looking at the basic building blocks and their perfection in our religion, art, spiritual practices, and interaction with the world around us.

It thrives on the natural laws that have been and continue to be universal in this world.
Sacred Geometry is a way to heal, and a tool to create beautiful and lasting art, to create architecture and design in our lives in a positive and balanced way.