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In 2011 My Green Lady™ was created and the first version of “BRAIN POWER” came to life as a commercial product. She desired to create a superfood that would be so clean and so highly energetic that she could trust 100% to give to her children.

Her daughter takes BRAIN POWER™ every day since she was weaned off of breast milk. She is vegetarian and is and have been very healthy, fun, gentle and smart

Maribel lectures and teaches workshops about health and wellness as well as sharing these topics in social media.

At My Green Lady, we understand that nutrition is one of the components of authentic well-being. We are mind-body-spirit beings and every aspect should be nourished and in constant evolution.

- Our History -

My Green Lady™

My Green Lady was founded in 2011 by Maria Isabel Arizpe del Valle (Maribel) who is a Food Biochemist with a Masters in Seafood Processing and Masters in Raw Food Nutrition.

Her story began when she was 11 years old and her grandmother took her to a movie cinema to watch the movie “Soylent Green” in which the planet was over-polluted and nature was destroyed. As a consequence there was no food so the government fed the masses with a type of crackers made from other human beings, this food was named “Soylent Green”.

She was so shocked that she promised herself that she would always know what was on her plate and would find out the origin of the food.

- Our Promise -

My Green Lady™ delivers safe, clean & harm free products.

- Our Mission -

We Believe in
Clean and Ethical NUTRITION & WELL-BEING

- My Green LadyTM -

Become the Best Version of Yourself

We guide you to “Become the Best Version of Yourself” by opening the transformation process with our creation and star product BRAIN POWER™ and with our articles on health, well-being, and lifestyle.

BRAIN POWER™ is the reflection of our conviction that everything our body needs nature has it, and that every part of them has an effect on our body and being.

It is an innovative and clean formula that combines marine and freshwater algae, land vegetables, herbs, roots and an enzyme concentrate creating a synergy that benefits the digestive, immune, circulatory and nervous systems, mainly the brain.